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Everybody has a dream, something they want to experience and achieve, or a place they want to go. Take a leap into the unknown and live that dream, whatever it is. Do something new, do something worthwhile, do something fun but most importantly just do something!

Since Quest was established in 1996, we have worked with several thousand young people from dozens of different countries and all manner of walks of life. Regardless of the project they are working on and where in the world they are however, there is a constant, in that they have a hunger and desire to gain a greater understanding of the world we live in today, and the part their lives may play in it. With an increasingly global society and technology making almost every corner of the world seemingly accessible at the touch of a button, we feel a degree of perspective on our reality compared to that of others is invaluable.

This is where an a well managed overseas expedition can be of serious benefit to all involved. Where we bring together, say, a team of young British, European and US students to work alongside a team of young Malawian teenagers for example, the outcomes can be fascinating. Whilst individuals will learn and accept their differences, they also discover countless common grounds and this, we feel, helps to encourage a greater sense of global citizenship with everyone who is involved.

Quest’s approach to its projects and expeditions has always been twofold, to offer a fantastic experience to our volunteers, but at the same time to ensure that the impact on all our contacts overseas, particularly our project partners, is a positive one. There are some organisations which are focussed purely on supporting their projects, and of course others which whose priority is that of the participant. Our philosophy has always been that both parties are equally important and it is this belief which we endeavour to pass on to our volunteers.

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