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Quest4Change Projects are long term partnerships with grass roots initiatives, ensuring the sustainability of any work which is done or funds which are provided. Corporate expeditions can benefit from this substantially, ensuring any input, no matter how big or small, is part of a larger, ongoing benefit for the communities we work with.

A corporate expedition with Quest4Change can enhance your company's profile and performance in a number of ways.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Linking up with one of our long term social and environmental projects in South America or Africa will be a significant addition to any business's corporate social responsibility portfolio. Whether spending a week renovating a classroom in rural Tanzania or a month building an entire school in the Peruvian Amazon, our long term commitment to each and every one of our projects ensures that your company's contribution will be a significant and lasting one.
  • Team building and leadership. Providing your staff with the environment not only to develop their leadership and teamworking skills, but also to reflect on their experiences and learn how to integrate them into their work is an integral part of working at our project sites overseas. Depending on the preferences of your company, Experience Quest have a number of tried and tested workshops which can be run alongside the project work itself.
  • Staff Rewards and Incentives. A company's CSR commitments can also serve as a potential source of incentive for high performing staff (for example, the opportunity to take part in a community project in Lima, Peru, followed by a team trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu).
  • Long Term Commitment to our Projects. Experience Quest does not just step into a project for the short term. Each of our projects are partnerships lasting several years at the very least. This means that any relationship or commitment made by a company to a project can become a long term one, allowing the associated effects, benefits and profile to be long lasting.
  • Being a small and dedicated organisation, we are able to work with your company to develop a partnership which suits both you and the local communities. 

Find out how your business can work with Quest on a sustainable volunteer project.

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